Electric Boiled Egg Cookers for Perfect Eggs Every time

electric boiled egg cooker
Here is a selection of electric boiled egg cookers. A quick and easy way to make batches of perfect boiled eggs every time and just the way you want them.

Use these Electric Boiled Egg Cookers to Make the Perfect Keto Snacks to Sit in the Fridge

I find the best way to use these gadgets is to use them to make up batches of boiled eggs that you can store in your refrigerator. What I do is cook up 6 eggs every Sunday and Wednesday. Once cooked, cooled (cool in ice) and peeled they keep very well in a glass bowl with a plastic wrap cover. If I go out for a walk I stick a couple of eggs in my backpack and have them as my lunch with some cubes of cheese or cold meats. No doubt having keto snacks around is really important as you can quickly find something to eat. Instead of feeling hunger pangs and feeling compelled to eat a high carbohydrate snack or meal.

Is an Electic Egg Boiler a Useful Gadget?

I’m always a bit careful about what gadgets I buy for my kitchen, as space is limited and sometimes the gadget never gets used. However I have an electric boiled egg maker it doesn’t take up much space and I end up with eggs exactly the way I want them. Which is where the yolk is ever so slightly runny. My husband, on the other hand, likes his yolks completely yellow crumbly so overcooked and ruined. Everyone has different tastes I suppose! So I find this one of those gadgets that I actually use in a regular basis.

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