Keto Diet Snacks

Keto Diet Snacks

Easy and Convenient Keto Diet Snacks Some Ideas

Here is a list of Keto Diet Snacks that can be kept close at hand in case hunger pains kick in. When following any diet it is always important to have plenty of suitable foods available and close by just in case you feel the need for a snack. This is particularly important with a low carb or ketosis diet as snack foods available in shops and convenience stores are generally made of high carbohydrate products, like bread, cookies and candies.

If you neglect to do this you may find that hunger will see you diving into the nearest cookie jar, or turning to a quick sandwich to combat the hunger pangs.

With this list of low carb snacks you need never be hungry.

Low carb Snack List

Here is a list of low carb snacks that are perfect to eat on a keto diet. These are all commonly found in supermarkets, some gas stations and stores.

Cheese – all types.
Pork Rinds
Nuts (in moderation)
Beef jerky, but watch the carbs as some brands can have high sugar levels.
Cold meats, chicken, ham or beef
Cold smoked mackerel

Easy Keto Snacks to keep in your refrigerator

Here is a list of keto diet friendly snacks that you can either make or buy to store in the refrigerator. Some items like boiled eggs can be made in batches that will last a few days. Either eaten just plain or made into salad or other recipes.

Hard boiled eggs either plain or made into egg mayonnaise
Devilled eggs
Cheese and pickles
Cottage cheese with celery, or other low carb salad vegetables
Cheese strings or sticks cheeses in general.
Smoked salmon with some cream cheese on cucumber, radish or celery slices.
Corned beef, egg salad, tuna rolled up in lettuce leaves.
Cold cooked roast meat e.g. chicken, beef, turkey, ham and pork.
Cold Charcuterie meats e. g. parma ham
Low carb dips made from either cottage cheese or cream cheese, together with a selection of low carb vegetables.
Low carb salad vegetables that you can make into a salad. Keep olive oil and vinegar to hand to quickly whip up a salad dressing.

Keto Diet Friendly Snacks to Keep in the Store cupboard

Beef jerky (watch out for the sugar content though)
Sugar free jelly
Pork scratchings (rinds) – if your teeth are up to it.
Tins of fish: red salmon, tuna, pilchards, sardines, fish roe.
Low carb soups e.g. consommé

Keto Diet Store Cupboard Ideas for Emergencies Only

The following are only suggestions for products you could put by in your store cupboard so you will allows have some keto diet snacks close by. I put these in the emergency category as they may be a good idea to keep some around if you are desperate but, these foods are not really recommended for day to day eating, this is because of the high salt and refinement of these products. However, I really feel it is better to eat these foods than high carb foods like cookies or bread if you intend to follow a low carb diet.

Tins of meat e.g ham, spam, chicken.
Tins of ready made foods like, beef stew, meat curry. Check for the amount of carbs on the label.
Low carb snack bars e. g. Atkins Bars (check the net carbs though).

Keto Diet Snacks




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