Atkins Diet Snack Bars

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  • Date: January 7, 2022
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Best Atkins Diet Snack Bars to Pack While Traveling

I’m traveling to Budapest soon and I have been trying to work out what are the best Atkins diet snack bars to pack while traveling. There certainly is a huge range of snack bars available.


One of the problems I have found when traveling is finding suitable food to maintain my diet. The airport food outlets are full of shops that sell high carbohydrate foods like sandwiches and pastries. I don’t want to end up eating any foods out of those stores. Low carbohydrate foods can be found in the airport restaurants’ menus, but there isn’t always time for a sit-down meal.

Once on the aircraft, the meals they provide will be high carb I usually just pick at the low carb parts of the meal. Alternatively, you can buy foods on some flights but these just tend to be high carbohydrate sandwiches and wraps.

One way around this is to take my own snack bars. Day to day I wouldn’t normally dream of eating an Atkins snack bar. When I’m at home I prefer to make all my meals from scratch. However, traveling by plane is different and a packet of snack bars should keep hunger at bay yet be light and easy to pack.

Best Low Carb Snacks for Travellers

You may be lucky and might find these Atkins diet snack bars available at the gas station.  Low carb gas station food, can be difficult to find, but cheese and cold cooked meats are usually to be found.

  • nice and light will pack into hand luggage easily
  • you know exactly how many carbohydrates you are eating
  • can be eaten anywhere
  • doesn’t require any cutlery to eat the bars
  • a wide range of flavors

Once I arrive at my hotel in Budapest I’m going to scout out the best restaurants in the city for low-carb meals. I understand that Hungarian cuisine and recipes are very meat-based so I’m sure to find something to suit my keto diet. In the hotel, a continental breakfast (common in Europe) is provided. This is will include cold meats, cheese and eggs so will be perfect for a low-carb ketogenic breakfast.

atkins diet snack bars


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