Belly Pork Braised in Olive Oil

  • By: kim
  • Date: April 10, 2015
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pork belly confit

This is a kind pork confit recipe, I got the idea from doing a salted pork belly recipe were the pork belly was first of all brined in a salt solution before being cooked slowly in olive oil and then after pressing in the fridge pan fried. Delicious….. but I wondered what would happen if I missed out the brining and pressing steps which took several days and took a much easier approach that was simple and quicker.

I thought this a great success as the meat was tender and juicy and the fat and skin crispy. Just as I like pork belly. I would definitely do this again.

For the belly pork I had a combination of 0.5kg from Brownriggs farm shop so free range, and 1kg from lidl. It is interesting that the free range pork was much tastier than the supermarket pork.

A very simple recipe with only 3 ingredients.

pork belly crispy


1.5kg belly pork with rind cut into strips

850ml Olive oil



1. Place the pork in an oven proof pan cover with the olive oil and cook in a low oven around 140C gas mark 1.

pork in olive oil

2. You can either eat straight away or store the pork belly in the olive oil in the fridge until ready, fish out the pork belly from the olive oil and place on a baking tray. Sprinkle the pork with sea salt. Cook on a high heat until the pork belly is good and crispy.

pork belly cooked in olive oil

3. Serve with buttered cabbage.

crispy pork








pork belly confit

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