Carbohydrates and Weight Loss – Richard Nikoley Experiments

  • By: kim
  • Date: September 27, 2018
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Richard Nikoley owner of the low carb and paleo website Free The Animal believes that calories count. So he has decided to increase the number of carbohydrates in his diet by a factor of 4, from about 50 grams to 200 gram per day or around 40% of total calories.

He announced his increased carbohydrate experiment here where he describes buying in supplies of regular and sweet potatoes.

His plan is to add these potatoes to all of his meals and see what happens. His theory is because he will be replacing a proportion of low carb foods like meat with potatoes his total calorie count will reduce as well, and he will then lose weight.

As Richard describes here

So as soon as I publish this I’m heading off to the market to get myself a load of white sweet potatoes and regular white potatoes, and for the next week and perhaps beyond, will make them a staple of my diet. So, for example, breakfast might be a sweet potato with a little butter and a couple of fried eggs. Lunch, one or two potatoes with some meat, maybe some fruit. Dinner, likewise. And rather than track any numbers I’ll eat to satiation and hunger, just that it’ll always include a potato, with lesser portions of fat & meat.

His results will be reported here.

So far his experiment seems to be working really well for Richard, as he reports feeling more energetic and has lost a few pounds I will certainly be following his experiment to see how he gets on.

It should be noted that Richard is adding those carbohydrates that are considered safe, that is free from nasties like gluten in wheat. Also, he won’t suddenly be eating all the rubbishy manufactured foods like ice cream, cake and cookies.


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