Chorizo Sausage

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Information on Chorizo Sausage

There are two different types of Chorizo sausage, the first is the Spanish Chorizo which comes from the Spanish region of Andalusia, and is the chorizo sausage familiar to those living in Europe. To those living in the USA Chorizo refers to a type of Mexican sausage.

The Spanish Chorizo Sausage

The Spanish Chorizo is a coarsely textured sausage made from roughly chopped pork and pork fat. This mixture is highly seasoned with pimentos (smoked paprika), garlic and herbs. There are many different types of Spanish Chorizo sausage but all are spicy and are preserved by either air drying or smoking and air drying. Some varieties are very spicy indeed. You can normally buy Spanish chorizo in a whole sausage, they are made in lengths of about 1 foot and are then tied together at both ends. With Spanish Chorizo, you can slice thinly and eat raw, but it does cook very well. You can eat the skin.

Mexican Chorizo Sausage


On the other hand a Mexican Chorizo is moist because it has been made with fresh pork. This Chorizo sausage is also highly seasoned. However, it cannot be eaten raw instead the meat should be taken out of the skin and cooked before eating. Once the meat has been removed from the casing you just need to chop or crumble the sausage before using in your recipe.

Mexican Chorizo sausage are generally sold as a line of small sausage links.

Chorizo makes a fantastic addition to all kinds of soups, stews, salads, casseroles and is a great ingredient with eggs.

The Mexican chorizo should not be used as a substitute from Spanish Chorizo as the two types of sausage are completely different. The Portuguese make a cured sausage called Linguica, this has very similar qualities and can be used as a good substitute for Spanish Chorizo sausage.


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