Cool Fat Burner – Possibly an Easy Way to Lose Weight Rapidly by Wearing an Ice Vest!

  • By: kim
  • Date: June 27, 2021
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I’ve just bought a product called a cool fat burner….. it is an ice vest that holds ice packs around those areas were your brown adipose tissue (BAT) is located. BAT is located around the back of the neck, including the trapezius and spinal column, and the chest area covering the carotid, subclavical and sternum areas.

Wearing the ice vest regularly is meant to boost your metabolism, burn fat, boost the immune system and help to activate deeper sleep. My main reason to use the vest is to help with weight loss and help me to sleep better.

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It was a bit expensive as the shipping to the UK was about $45, but if it is as good as the advertisement looks this is exactly what I have been looking for.

You may have been following my progress with the cold thermogenesis protocol I have been following, involving paddling pools; this will be much better and more comfortable.

I have tried all kind of ways to place ice on parts of my body, from those ice packs you place in cool boxes to bags of peas and bags of ice cubes.

These methods just don’t seem to work are uncomfortable, wet and prevent you from moving around. Certainly, I get many strange looks from my husband as I try to strap on various cold packs onto parts of my body.

Also, I have tried cold baths and swimming in cold water. Swimming in cold water is great but I have found a large lake to swim in about 10 miles from my home this means I can only swim there at weekends, and as we progress into winter the water temperature will be too cold.

On the cool fat burning website, there are pictures of a person wearing the ice vest while watching TV and working on a computer.

As the delivery to the UK was so high I asked if it was possible to buy the ice packs in the UK. Apparently, the main reason the ice vest works so well is the time spent on research and development for the ice packs so that they can remain cold for up to two hours.

Certainly, I can’t wait I’ll return here to update you.


Although I love the fat burning vest, these are not available through Amazon. Below I have found some products that will help you to achieve your cold themogenesis protocols.

Hot and Cold Gel Pack with 18
Hot and Cold Gel Pack with 18″ Strap Tri Sectional

Theramed Back Pad Dual-Temp Cold Pack
Theramed Back Pad Dual-Temp Cold Pack

Smart Temp HC1302 Portable Reusable Hot/Cold Pad
Portable Reusable Hot/Cold Pad

Hot and Cold Therapeutic Comfort Vest

Elasto Gel Neck/Back Combo / fibromylgia
Elasto Gel Neck/Back Combo / fibromylgia

Flexi Freeze Ice Vest, Navy
Flexi Freeze Ice Vest, Navy





Here are a few videos you may be interested in that shows some experiences with ice packs (Cool Fat Burner) and ice water.
The first of these videos involves buying a chest freezer an using a timer on the plug to keep the water just above freezing. Great idea.

Cold Thermogenesis for Weight Loss

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