Low Carb Cottage Pie Recipe

  • By: kim
  • Date: June 23, 2018
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In my paleo or low carb cottage pie recipe, I have decided to replace the usual mashed potato with a medley of 4 root vegetables.

With this recipe all you need to make a meal is a green vegetable like cabbage or broccoli as a side dish and you are good to go.

If you want it is easy to substitute the beef mince for lamb mince to make Shepard’s pie. To process the swede, turnip, carrot and parsnip, I run the peeled vegetables through my magi-mix food processor using the julienne blade.

If you don’t have a processor then just cut the vegetables into 1/4″ julienne slices or 1/2″ dice.

Ingredients – Serves 6 – 8

For the root vegetable topping.

50g butter

2 large parsnips (but not woody)

2 medium carrots

2 medium turnips

150g swede

Freshly ground black pepper

Salt to taste

For the mince beef filling.

2 large onions

1 large red pepper

1 kg minced beef (preferably grass fed)

2 tablespoons ground almond

350 ml beef stock or makeup with a stock cube.

1 tablespoon Italian herb mixture.

Method: To make the root vegetable topping.

Peel the parsnips, swede, turnips and carrots.

Run these through the julienne blade of the food processor or julienne by hand.

Place the root vegetables in a steamer.

Steam the vegetables for about 15 minutes until just tender.

Melt the butter so that it is ready to pour over the topping just before the dish goes into the oven.

To make the mince beef mixture.

Take a large frying pan and brown the minced beef, breaking the mince up so you end up with an even mixture without lumps.

Once browned place the mince into a colander and pour a kettleful of boiling water over the mince to remove excess fat.

Return the mince to the frying pan and add the chopped onions and red pepper.

Continue to cook for about 5 minutes until the onions have started to soften.

Stir in the ground almond.

Add the stock and dried herbs.

Heat until the beef mixture is just simmering.

Cook for about 45 minutes. The beef mixture needs to be quite thick and not too liquid. So continue to cook until this has been achieved.

To make the cottage pie

Place the minced beef into an ovenproof dish.

Top with the root vegetable mixture – brush the melted butter over the root vegetable topping.

Add plenty of freshly ground black pepper and salt to the top of the pie.

Bake in a 200C/400F oven for around 30 – 40 minutes.

The cottage pie topping should be brown and crusty.

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