Egg Drop Soup Recipe

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  • Date: September 27, 2018
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We all know of egg drop soup from visits to Chinese restaurants. It comes as a delicious mixture of chicken broth with thin threads of beaten eggs mixed through the soup at the last minute.

Have you ever tried to make this at home? My first efforts were a bit disastrous because I ended up with some chicken broth with nasty rubbery lumps of overcooked egg floating about in the liquid.

Obviously, this recipe is not as easy as it looks. It appears to require a light hand and few tryouts to get those thin but silky strands of cooked egg, floating in the chicken broth.

Below is a simple basic recipe, I think this is the most delicious version and this recipe doesn’t require any messing about with. The recipe relying on the quality of the chicken broth. However, you could add chicken shreds, finely shredded carrot or radish to the broth and heat through before adding the egg mixture.

Egg Drop Soup Recipe

Serves 4


250 Homemade chicken broth or stock

2 large eggs, lightly beaten

2 spring onions finely chopped

White pepper and salt to taste


Heat the chicken broth in a wok or wide pan, add the salt and pepper.

Cook until the broth is hot.

Leave this broth to cool for 1 minute.

Swirl the broth in the pan rapidly as you slowly pour the egg mixture through fork tines held 10 inches above the soup.

Place into serving bowls and sprinkle over the spring onions.

Tips for success 

1. When pouring in the egg mixture into the chicken broth, try not to let the strands cross over, if this happens you will find that the egg goes into large clumps.

2. Gently pour the egg mixture through the tines of a fork, holding the fork about 10″ above the swirling soup.

3. Before pouring in the egg mixture make sure that the chicken broth is swirled rapidly in the pot.

4. I prefer to use a wide pan for this or a wok.

5. Turn off the heat on the chicken broth for a least 1 minute before swirling in the beaten egg.

Egg Drop Soup Recipe on Video

This is one of the better videos I have found on how to made egg drop soup. I would dispense with the cornflour. I does, however, show really well the technique for adding the beaten egg.

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