Feta Cheese, Olive and Bacon salad

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  • Date: August 22, 2018
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This Feta cheese and bacon salad was concocted from some ingredients I found in the refrigerator. I love cooking bacon until it is crispy and adding this to salads this makes a great bread crouton substitute in the salad good for us on low carb diets that try to avoid consuming bread. As a contrast the lovely salty but creamy texture of the feta cheese is delicious. For many years I thought I didn’t like olive I tried them often but never understood how people could like them so much. One day on holiday in Portugal I ate a small black olive and it was delicious since that day I have been hooked.

For this recipe the olives, I choose are black pitted olive called Hojiblanca, from Spain. These have a mild fruity taste and complement well with the other ingredients in this salad. Use any olive you enjoy eating.

For the salad dressing, I have to confess I have used a bottled dressing called Cardini’s Caesar salad dressing, I just love this dressing. I have made efforts to replicate this taste at home. Ideally, I would like to make everything at home so that I know exactly what I’m eating, this is a weakness I’m working on!

In this recipe I have used little gem lettuce, romaine lettuce would be a good choice for the recipe as well.

How to make Feta Cheese, bacon and Black Olive Salad.

Ingredients – enough for one person

1 little gem lettuce

2? piece of cucumber

4 slices of smoked streaky bacon

1 small tomato

10 black olives – pitted

50g Feta Cheese

2 tablespoons Cardinis Caesar Salad Dressing


Feta cheese, Olive and bacon salad ingredients

feta bacon salad


1. Chop the bacon into 1″ pieces then fry bacon in its own fat until the bacon is brown and crisp.

frying bacon for slad

2. Shred the lettuce into bite sized pieces.

3. Peel the cucumber and cut into small dice, chop the tomato into small dice – I don’t worry about the skin and pips but you can remove these if you feel prefer.

4. Break the Feta Cheese up into bite sized pieces.

5. Then add the olives, feta cheese, cucumber, tomatoes, bacon and Caesar salad dressing to the lettuce.

 feta cheese and bacon salad
The end result was a delicious and filling lunch.

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