Gary Taubes – Science Writer and Low Carbohydrate Diet Advocate

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  • Date: September 27, 2018
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Gary Taubes is an award-winning science writer. He is an outspoken opponent to the conventional wisdom, which says people get fat because they eat too many calories and they don’t exercise enough.

Instead, Gary believes for effortless weight loss it is the secretion of the hormone insulin that needs to be controlled. Gary explains that it is insulin that stores fat and most people will not lose weight if they have foods in their diet which encourages insulin secretion like sugars, grains and legumes.

Gary Taubes Diet

A simple summary of Gary Taubes diet plan

Eat plenty of meat, fish and eggs.

Eat quantities of green vegetables.

Follow a diet low in carbohydrates.

Eat small amounts of fruit.

Eat saturated fats.

Gary Taubes – Dr. Oz Show

Over the years Gary has always maintained that Dr. Oz’s diet recommendations were completely wrong. Dr. Oz views on diet also represent the conventional wisdom followed by most physicians and dieticians.

Gary was invited onto Dr. Oz’s programme in an episode called “The Man Who Thinks Everything Dr. Oz says is Wrong”.

In the program, Dr. Oz rather embarrassingly eats like Gary Taubes for a day, and tries to poke fun a the diet. Gary – our hero – stood his ground and stuck to his guns, making Dr. Oz look foolish.

I wish that Gary had given the blood that Dr. Oz wanted to check for cholesterol. Perhaps another time.

Gary Taubes Books

Gary has written books against the conventional wisdom that eating less and exercising more will make most people lose weight.

Gary Taubes – Good Calories Bad Calories

In the UK this book is published under the little of the “The Diet Delusion”.

“Why we get Fat” by Gary Taubes

“Why we get Fat” is Gary’s latest book, it has been released in the USA in 2011 but is only due to be published in the UK during February 2012. Although if are in the UK and you own a Kindle you can down this book now.

This book is written in a simpler and less “scientific” manner so that a layperson can understand the concepts he is trying to convey.

Articles published in The New York Times.

“Is Sugar Toxic”

“What if it has all been a Big Fat Lie”


Gary Taubes Blog: Gary Taube’s Website

Gary Taubes has a blog were he posts infrequent but never the less interesting news and updates on his work and links to others that share the same dietary philosophy.





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