How to Get Started on a Low Carb Paleo Diet

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  • Date: September 16, 2018
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The Easy Guide on How to Get Started on a Low Carb Paleo Diet

Here are some easy to follow tips on how to get started on a keto style low carb paleo diet.

If we refer to Paleo as a “diet” it can be too easy to think of it as something that has clearly defined parameters that its devotees must follow, with little or no room at all for individual experimentation and variation. A strict Paleo diet may not encourage a person to experiment, so you will need to consider or think about your own personal circumstances.

The rigidness of the Paleo diet has led many to view it as a “template” rather than as a “diet”. A template is something that consists of general guidelines that make up a basic format that is customized according to the individual needs of anyone who wants to follow it. The goal should be to formulate your own diet plan that will help you achieve optimal health rather than simply following someone else’s dietary prescription.

The Low Carb Paleo Diet is not Just About Weight Loss

Most people become aware of the Paleo diet as a means of losing weight. Paleo is not only for weight loss. Serious followers of Paleo diets consider it not just a diet but more of a lifestyle and an attitude to health. It is popular among those who want to adopt a healthy lifestyle and to be able to achieve optimal fitness. But Paleo is not just for athletes. If you are planning to make a dietary shift from modern diet to Paleo the following information will help get you started.

How to Start a Low Carb Paleo Diet

It can be daunting and difficult to change both your diet and lifestyle in one go. You are more likely to make long-lasting good food habits if you start by taking small steps when making dietary changes. Add more variety to the vegetables and fruits that you eat on a daily basis. Steadily increase the amount of fresh vegetables in your meals and use less processed packaged foods and try to eliminate sugar.

You also need to start filling your fridge with animal-based protein sources. Red meat, eggs, turkey, chicken, seafood, fish and duck are good sources of protein for your Paleo meals. Find and use recipes based on the meats and vegetables that are available to you.

Avoid processed foods and focus on preparing tasty whole foods.

The Paleo Diet and Your Carbohydrate Consumption

Our paleo ancestors that lived a hunter-gatherer lifestyle had very limited access to high carbohydrate foods. Obviously, you won’t be eating exactly what your hunter-gatherer ancestors did, but you can choose substitutes from a greater range than they had access to.

Even if you can’t dig up yams for dinner in your backyard (who can?), you should be able to source starchy yet Paleo-friendly foods such as lotus roots, cassava, plantains, parsnips, beets and taro roots. Eating these starchy foods will help replenish glycogen stores.

If like me you prefer to eat low carb then concentrate on just eating leafy green veggies and just a few of the higher carbohydrate foods. Some Paleo dieters prefer the low-carb approach especially if the goal is to lose weight. However, if you’re into high-activity sports then eating your Paleo carbs is highly important.

What Will Happen to my Cholesterol Levels on a Paleo Diet?

If you have concerns about your cholesterol levels rising while going on a Paleo diet have your levels tested prior to making major diet changes. Follow these up with new tests a month or so later. You may be surprised that your cholesterol levels may become lower (or stay the same). After all the general advice given to us over the years is to eat less fat and more carbohydrate. It is no coincidence I believe that the time the low-fat high carbohydrate diet was recommended by the public health bodies in both the USA and Uk coincided with the beginning of the obesity crisis we have now.

If you are moving from a diet that is based on processed foods and rich desserts, you will almost certainly be pleasantly surprised by the results. Most dieters see great improvements in their health while following a Paleo diet.

You will be surprised as you watch yourself becoming fitter and healthier without even trying too hard or having to feel hungry.
How to Get Started on a Low Carb Paleo Diet

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