Good Eats the Early Years by Alton Brown: Book Review

  • By: kim
  • Date: June 27, 2021
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If like me you fell in love with the cooking show Good Eats by the eccentric and very funny Alton Brown you are sure to love this recipe book. The recipes are as featured in the first 80 episodes of the cooking series so you get plenty of information and recipes for your money.

The first Chapter starts with the very first episode of season 1 called Steak your Claim. In this chapter, you get plenty of information on about steak including the different cuts and types of beef steak, the difference between pasture fed and lot fed meat.

The steak recipe Alton goes on to describe is a rather delicious sounding Pan-Seared Rib Eye Steak with a Cognac Pan Sauce. The principles of cooking the perfect steak are covered in detail including what sort of skillet to use. On the page are plenty of photographs and diagrams to help explain the recipe.

The book continues with a selection of recipes covering the basic foods and techniques every cook needs to know how to cook. From Mojo Moules to Good Eats Turkey every recipe comes with plenty of tips and an explanation of underlying principles of cooking.

Here is a couple of photos of from the page of the recipe for Moules marinière which Alton calls Mojo Moules, just to give you the idea of the kind of detail you get. It actually takes 4 pages to do the moules recipe.

Alton Browns Mussel Recipe

Alton Brown Recipe Book

If like me you are following a low carb, paleo, keto type diet then you need to pick and choose which recipes to follow and you may need to make some ingredient substitutions were necessary. For example, I followed the meat loaf recipe omitted the breadcrumbs and substituted these for ground up pork rinds.

I am an avid collector of cookery books and I enjoy reading them. This book was particularly fun to read as the little tips and hints and addendum make the read very enjoyable. One problem I found with the book is I like to read in bed and the book is too large and unwieldy to read in bed comfortably.

I have currently followed 3 of the recipes from the book these were Vendi Verdi Vinaigrette, Butterflied Chick and Meatloaf Again.

All the recipes I tried worked well and were delicious the meatloaf recipe was particularly liked by my husband who has asked me to make the recipe again.

To sum up this book is brilliant for all levels of a home cook. Even an experienced cook will gain some useful tips and hints from this book. However, I think the book is best suited to a novice cook and a beginner will gain great benefit from following the recipes.

Keto Meatloaf Recipe Alton Brown

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