Herbs: Hints and Tips

  • By: kim
  • Date: June 7, 2018
  • Time to read: 2 min.

1. A quick way to chop parsley and other herbs is to place a few sprigs of the herb in a tea cup and use a pair of kitchen scissors to snip the herbs to the size you want, this is handy if you don’t want to have to clean a chopping board. Or you are using your chopping board for another reason.

2. If you have eaten garlic and you suspect your breath smells, try chewing a piece of parsley as this is meant to tke the smell away from your breath.

3. Always keep a bowl of those pots of supermarket herbs on your window sill, and you always have access to fresh herbs. If you have basil then you need to remember to keep this well watered.

4. To retain freshness and colour always chop herbs just before they are needed. Particularly the softer herbs like basil that can turn black one the cut edges.

5. Some of the more delicately flavoured herbs like basil, dill and mint will lose their flavour rapidly once subjected to the heat of cooking. It is best to add these herbs right at the end of the cooking time.

6 Save the stalks of any herbs you use for the stock pot and soups.

7. A great way of releasing the most flour from your herbs is to crush the leaves in a pestle and mortar.

8. To store fresh herbs in your refrigerator, first of all wrap the herbs and stems in kitchen paper and then place these into a polythene bag.

9. Bunches of parsley and cilantro an be keep in a vase with the stems in water, for a few days on your kitchen window sill keep the water topped up.

10 After washing your herbs the easiest way to dry then thoroughly is to put them into a salad spinner. Herbs should not be chopped when wet.

11. Some herbs make great ornamental plants for your garden having a dual purpose. Woody herbs for example rosemary, sage, bay and thyme work well and are hardy in temperate regions.

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