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What is Medifast?

Medifast is a meal replacement diet. On offer are a vast range of Medifast meals, from bars, shakes, soups, chili, stew, oatmeal and pancakes, you eat 5 portions of these replacement meals.

Medifast Recipes: Lean and Green Meals Selection

On top of the replacement meals, you choose from a selection of carefully chosen green vegetables, lean protein and either 1 or 2 portions of a healthy fat. Of course, there are any number of recipes you can make from the recommended foods and portions.

The diet is tailored to your needs in many ways, for example, men and women are on different Medifast foods. Also, different diets are tailored to the needs of teens, seniors, vegetarians, and nursing mothers.

Specialty packages are offered for those with certain health problems such as gout, diabetes, celiac disease, post-bariatric surgery and those who need anticoagulants.

How much does Medifast Cost?

Currently, the packs will cost you around $11 per day, plus you will need to purchase the ingredients for the lean and green meal.

Does Medifast Work?

If you follow the diet exactly you are expected to lose around 2 -5lbs per day initially tailing off to about 3 – 5lbs per week.

If you stick to the plan then virtually everyone will lose weight. On most of the plans, you will be in ketosis so your appetite will be suppressed. Ketosi will only be mild as the diet plans contain around 80 grams of carbohydrate a day.

The rapid weight loss that followers of low-calorie diets experience will certainly be a great motivator to keep going on the program.

Optifast vs Medifast

Although Optifast is similar to the Medifast diet, the range of foods on offer is much less than medifast. This is either a good or bad thing depending on your personality. It is possible to have too much choice.

I think were medifast wins out is the plans they have produced for certain health conditions e.g. diabetes and gout sufferers, and categories of people e.g. teens and seniors. Often these people are excluded from these types of diets.

Medifast Success Stories

Over on the medifast website, there are many medifast diet success stories. The most inspiring are those who have lost over 100lbs.

Medifast Reviews

Medifast blogs and Medifast Forums

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