Interesting Interview with a Woman who Eats Mainly Meat and Water

  • By: kim
  • Date: June 27, 2021
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I have been a fan of the website “Eat Meat.Drink Water” for a while now. The site is run by an inspiring lady called Esmee La Fleur. You can read her story, about how she recovered her health by just eating meat and drinking water, here. On her site, there are loads of interesting resources and success stories about following a low carb high fat diet by just eating meat.

I was fascinated to read about the experiences of a woman called Keidren Devas who has been following a plant-free zero carb diet for about a year now. Her diet consists of mainly beef, a little cheese, salmon, bacon and chicken all with loads of butter and eggs. To drink apart from plenty of water she has gelatin granules dissolved in hot water (I guess as a bone broth alternative).

When I read Keidren’s experiences with her health, throughout her life she certainly had it tough with some serious illnesses, and consequently tried every diet out there. These diets included fasting. cleanses, vegetarian and vegan. None of these worked. Finally, she tried a paleo/primal diet and did start to feel a bit better. It was after trying some bone broth for the first time that she recounts feeling better straight almost straight away.

This lead onto to a meat only carb-free diet, which she has been following for over a year now and feels back in great shape. There is a photograph of Keidren who is 41 and she really does look like a person in their early 20’s. Beaming with good health and energy.

You can read the whole story here I really hope that you do. I would like to wish Keidren well,

Resources for those that want to follow a Zero Carb Diet.

If you considering a zero carb diet then I would certainly recommend joining both of these facebook groups, as they have tons of information to share.

Zeroing In On Health –

Principia Carnivora –


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