Is a Low Carb or Paleo Diet a Balanced Diet?

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  • Date: January 28, 2012
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I don’t often talk to friends and family about my low carb or paleo diet and generally people aren’t in the least bit interested about what I eat. However if asked I tell people that if you follow a paleo diet you generally don’t eat wheat and other grains, sugar, processed foods, legumes, starchy vegetables and pulses. I nearly always get a complete look of horror, followed by the immortal words “that can’t be a balanced diet”.

Of course if we are from the paleo world we all know better but to the general population living without eating bread and potatoes just seems an impossibility. People can’t understand that you can live very well without bread and those carbohydrates from wheat and sugar the general population live on.

So what should I say to my friends?

Over at Wendy Schwartz’s blog called “The Paleo Cure” she has written a post entitled “Is Low Carb / Paleo a Balanced Diet?” in the post she explains why she believes the paleo diet can be a balanced diet and gives some tips on how this can be achieved.

Wendy also continues to say how shocked she was when she when looked a the USDA guidelines for a “balanced” diet.

“ I have to admit that I had not actually been to the USDA website post “MyPlate”. My jaw literally dropped open when I saw the sample menus that were being promoted by our government here in the US. “

Wendy continues….

“The other thing that struck me about the USDA guidelines was how low in fat they were and how excessive in carbohydrates. The typical breakfast included 3 servings of high carbohydrate foods”.

A good point made as the article continues that the USDA dietary guidelines are unbalanced because in their efforts to promote a low fat diet they exclude important essential fatty acids.

“It is unbalanced to avoid eating a variety of healthy fats. By using skim milk and tub margarine, as the “balanced diet” guidelines suggest, and avoiding full fat grass fed meats, organic organ meats, DHA eggs, and good oils”

I’m sure I can’t persuade my family and friends otherwise but if they show interest I will point them to Wendy Schwartz blog post.

Wendy Schwartz is a paleo nutritionist I recommend spending some time reading through her blog posts.

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