Japanese Grilled Mackerel: Salted Mackerel Recipe

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  • Date: September 24, 2018
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Japanese Grilled Mackerel Recipe

The other day I had the television on in the background while I was working on my computer. I program came on that really caught my attention. The program is called My Grandmothers Ravioli. This is hosted by the actor, satirist and foodie Mo Rocca. He visits a grandmother or grandfather in every episode and he “helps” them make their families favorite recipes.

In the episode that caught my attention he meets Miyoko McPherson who is a Japanese woman who met and married an American soldier when he was stationed in Japan after the end of the second world war. She later divorced him after having children and living in the USA for some time.

She has let an amazing life. When she was in Japan she observed the smoke plume from the Hiroshima atomic bomb. Luckily were she lived the wind blew the smoke away and therefore not subjected to fallout. Even though there was little food after the bomb was dropped, she managed to survive by harvesting seaweed and mollusks from the seashore. Clearly she is a survivor.

One of the recipes she showed to Mo was for Shioyaki a Japanese salted mackerel recipe, this was served with a grated Mooli radish salad. The recipe couldn’t be any simpler. Fillets of mackerel are salted and left in the fridge on a set over a bowl for two days. The fillets are flipped over after the first day. One the salting has finished the fillets are grilled outside using a special Japanese charcoal.(Although I imagine ordinary charcoal would work just fine!) The full recipe can be found here.

The end result the grilled mackerel with the radish salad looks so delicious, and the whole meal seemed clean and easy to make and eat. I can’t wait for better weather to make this recipe outside in the garden. Perfect for the Epi-Paleo Diet.

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