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  • Date: September 27, 2018
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If you haven’t heard of Jimmy Moore and his blog Livin La Vida Low carb I would definitely recommend taking a look at his websites and then visiting his forum. He is one of those people who has transformed their lives by changing their lifestyle and by eating a low carb diet. Jimmy’s story is really inspirational.

Jimmy Moore had gained weight throughout his life until at the age of 32 when he weighed about 410 pounds; he thought if he didn’t do something about his weight it would kill him. He decided to embark on a low carbohydrate high fat diet. It took him about a year but he lost an amazing 180 pounds.

Once he had lost all this weight he became the focus of a lot of attention from his family, friends and even complete strangers asking how he had managed such a large weight loss. Jimmy then decided to make it his mission in life to help others that wanted to lose weight by sending out the message to eat a low carbohydrate and high-fat diet for easy and healthy weight loss.

Anyway, he has certainly been very busy and has set up a blog, a forum, a You Tube account and numerous websites. He does regular podcasts interviewing people like Robb Wolf and Gary Taube’s the paleolithic diet gurus.

He has had some ups and downs which he is perfectly open about. He has gained some weight and then lost again.

If you go to watch his YouTube videos which he does with his wife you will be struck at how passionate he is about low carb dieting.

Here are some links to his websites.

Livin’La vida Low carb – full of information on low carb diet menus, links to his forum from this website.  http://www.livinlavidalowcarb.com/

Eat Like A Swede – Jimmy Moore’s website is dedicated to bringing information on the Low Carbohydrate High Fat movement in Sweden. http://eatlikeaswede.wordpress.com/

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