Keto Cauliflower Cheese Soup

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  • Date: August 3, 2017
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For Christmas I received a book by Tom Kerridge called Best Ever Dishes and very pleased I was to receive it too. I am a fan of his since watching his TV programs and appearances.  I just love to read through cookery books that have something to say about fresh foods and great produce and Tom fulfills that brief.

A large number of the recipes in the book are obviously going to be non keto. So what I do when I look through cookery books,  is to get inspiration and to see if a recipe with a few tweaks would be high fat low carb. I came across his recipe for cauliflower and Cheddar soup this was clearly already pretty much a keto recipe. All I did to make it more keto was add a bit more cream and cheese to the recipe.

In Toms recipe, he fries up some capers until they are crispy and then adds on top of the soup as a garnish. The capers I had were opened in the fridge and when I looked at them had gone a bit funny so I discarded them and instead topped the soup with some crispy bacon, which was delicious.

Frozen cauliflower is perfect for soups (nasty as a side vegetable) but if you have fresh cauliflower that would work even better I would just allow another 5 minutes in the stock to cook until very tender. After I made this I successfully froze some portions. I also used a couple of tablespoons as a kind of sauce for some roast lamb I made – delicious.

Keto Cauliflower Cheese Soup Recipe

Ingredients Serves 4

1 kg frozen cauliflower

1 litre homemade chicken stock

50g butter

1/2 tsp paprika

250g Cheddar Cheese grated

300ml double cream

Salt and Pepper to Taste

8 slices crispy bacon to garnish


1. Cook the frozen cauliflower in the chicken stock for about 10 minutes until tender.

2. Add cream, cheese and paprika and bring back to the boil.

3. Blend until very smooth, and pass through a sieve.

4. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

5. Gently heat soup when you are ready to serve.

6. Add the crispy bacon on top.

Keto Low Carb Cauliflower Cheese Soup Recipe

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