31 Low Carb Healthy Pizza Recipes – Keto Pizza Recipes

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Welcome to my selection of low carb healthy pizza recipes. Perfect keto recipes for low carbers that miss that traditional pizza “hit”.

Alongside carb laden cakes and pudding pizza is one of those foods people can miss when changing to a low-carb diet.

Now there is no need to feel you are missing out by making your own low carb version of a pizza all the taste but without the carbohydrates.

You have probably experienced that way a traditional pizza doesn’t provide much satiety. By that I mean you can just keep eating shed loads of pizza without feeling fully satisfied.

This can also happen with these kinds of low carb foods. Just something to be aware of. As overeating any pizza, including a low carb, one, will not help you to lose weight.

Keto Pizza Recipe

Super easy low carb keto pizza recipe. This is so tasty you won’t miss the taste and texture of a “normal” pizza made from a wheat flour dough base.

Low Carb Keto Diet Pizza Recipes

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✅Best Low Carb Pizza Crust Recipe

A delicious low carb pizza recipe that has a modified version of the fathead pizza mozzarella base.

They topped this with a scrummy mixture of cheese, tomato sauce and pepperoni. This recipe also includes great ideas and inspiration for other low carb pizza toppings.

low carb pepperoni pizza recipe

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✅Low Carb Meatza Recipe with a Turkey Crust 

This simple yet delicious meatza uses ground turkey and mozzarella cheese as its base.

Amazingly, each slice of this pizza is only about 2 grams of carbohydrates in each slice.

low carb meatza recipe

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✅Keto Pizza Fathead Recipe

They make this pizza base from a mixture of almond flour, coconut flour and mozzarella cheese.

There are several topping suggestions to try out once you have made the pizza base recipe.

Keto Pizza Fathead Recipe

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✅Low Carb Pizza Pockets

These low carb pizza pockets are so yummy, and yet simple to make.

This recipe uses a fathead dough and the recipe is ideal if you have a sandwich maker.

However but don’t worry if you don’t have a sandwich maker as you can bake these pizza pockets in the oven.

Low Carb Pizza Pockets

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✅Keto Pizza Crust Recipe

This fathead pizza crust recipe is a great low carb substitute for pizza crusts that are made the traditional way with wheat flour.

By  Wholesomeyum.com

✅Keto Friendly Pizza for Meat Lovers

This recipe has plenty of delicious suggestions for a meat lover’s pizza.

Recommended toppings are listed and they include ham, bacon, ground beef and chorizo to name just a few.

Keto Friendly Pizza
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✅Low Carb Pizza Casserole with Eggs

This recipe looks so delicious, it is a pizza but you make the crust right in the serving dish, saving the kneading and rolling of a normal crust.

Reduces the mess of kneading dough on your kitchen countertop. 

From lowcarbyum.com

✅Low Carb Pizza Frittata

This recipe has the great tastes of a typical pizza, yet is made like a frittata.

Great use of that low carb staple of eggs. 

✅Easy and Quick Skillet Low Carb Pizza Recipe

This has to be one of the quickest ways to make a pizza I have ever seen.

This would be an easy recipe for any time you need a meal in a hurry.

✅Keto Chicken Crust Pizza Recipe

In this recipe, they make the crust from a mixture of ground chicken, all I can see say is this just genius.

Plus, this is quick and easy to make. Perfect for family meals as everyone can just dig in.

Once you make these pizzas, you won’t miss the takeaways.

✅Keto Crustless Pizza

A fabulous recipe that has all the tastes you would expect from a pizza recipe. Delicious, cheesy yet meaty, all the family will dig in.

✅Keto Cauliflower Pizza Crust

In this recipe, there are some great tips for getting a lovely crispy base using cauliflower as a base for the pizza.

Keto Cauliflower Pizza Crust Recipe

This is an easy recipe that just has 5 ingredients. The key ingredient in the pizza base is cauliflower, which is a wonderful low carb ingredient. What would we do without it?

✅Crispy Cauliflower Pizza Crust Recipe

This is a very comprehensive recipe with plenty of photographs illustrating the recipe steps, to make a great crispy pizza base.

✅Low Carb Breakfast Pizza Recipe

How about having a low carb keto breakfast with this breakfast pizza recipe.

✅Atkins Diet Eggplant Pizza Slices

This recipe comes from the UK where eggplants are called aubergines, but don’t let that put you off making this delicious recipe.

It is quick and easy low carb pizza recipe that uses eggplant as it’s base. Perfect as a light lunch or snack for anyone following a low-carb diet.

From https://uk.atkins.com

✅Low Carb Pizza Crust Cauliflower Based 

This scrummy pizza crust is a great alternative to the high carb based made from wheat flour. With pizza crusts like these, you need never feel you are missing out on your favorite foods, like pizza, when following a low-carb diet.

✅Keto Crustless Crockpot Pizza Recipe

They cooked this amazing recipe in a crockpot, it is crustless yet still has all those flavors you would expect from a pizza. Great recipe to make ahead for all slow cooker owners.

Keto Pizza Chicken Crust

Here is a great low carbohydrate pizza crust made from chicken.

✅Carb Free Pizza Sauce

I love this recipe from Atkins that explains how to make a homemade low carb pizza sauce.

If you look at pizza sauce jars in the supermarket, it will dismay you to find that they are just too high in sugar to use when following any low carb, keto or Atkins diet.

I like to make a large batch and freeze small portions, so I can quickly assemble a delicious pizza.

✅Low Carb Tortilla Pizza Recipe

This recipe uses the low carb tortillas that are available in the supermarkets these days.

Packets of these tortillas are useful as a store cupboard standby.

✅Keto Pizza Toppings

The protein bread company has some outstanding example of the kinds of low carb toppings you could use on their keto protein bread bases.

✅Cheese Crust Pizza Recipe

Easy and delicious shredded mozzarella cheese crust recipe.

✅Crispy Cauliflower Pizza Crust Recipe

I just love to have a crispy base when I’m eating pizza. With this recipe, that is based on cauliflower,  it is easy to achieve a crispy base.

✅Egg and Cheese Pizza Crust

This is a great pizza recipe that is ideal as a low carbohydrate breakfast dish.

✅Low Carb Pizza Recipe with an Easy Keto Mozzarella Dough

This recipe is Sugar Free Londoners mozzarella pizza dough that is similar to the fathead pizza base recipe, except there is no need to melt the mozzarella cheese.

✅Low Carb Pepperoni Pizza Recipe

Well, we can’t possibly have a pizza without pepperoni.

✅Low Carb Sausage Crust Pizza

I love that this low carb pizza recipe has plenty of Italian sausage in the crust, super tasty and spicy. 


I hope you have enjoyed this selection of delicious low carb pizza recipes.

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