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  • Date: June 27, 2021
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Ketosis Diet Information from Around the Web

Keto Low Carb Recipes


Easy peasy recipe perfect if you are following a low carb high fat diet.

We had a really good zucchini crop this year. The last few years, our plants ended up getting powdery mildew so they didn’t produce but one or two fruit. However, I think some of that was due to us overwatering the plants in the evening. …read more


Being a Brit I just love my roast beef having been brought up with roast beef every Sunday. Sonia from The healthy Foodie never disappoints with her carefully thought out and beautifully photographed recipes. I just wish my food photography was as good as hers!

Beef Sirloin is a fairly lean cut to start with and it’s one that allows you to easily trim off all traces of visible fat from it, which will render it even leaner for you. What’s really great about it, though, is that despite being so lean, when cooked right, sirloin remains very moist and is quite a tasty cut of meat… more here 

Deep Fried naked Chicken Legs

Read the delicious recipe here

Keto News

Should we eat bacon on a Paleo Diet?

Of course cavemen didn’t have bacon. They didn’t have pigs. The animals that we currently know as “pigs” didn’t exist until after the agricultural revolution, so if bacon isn’t Paleo because cavemen didn’t have it, neither are pork chops or any other cut of pork. And for that matter, neither are most of our fruits and vegetables… more


Mark Sissons expands on his original 10 rules for Primal Laws.

These behaviors and environmental influences comprised the daily lives of our ancestors for hundreds of thousands of years and continue to shape our collective genomes today. Even if you haven’t read the book, definitive guide, or seen the laws before, they should look pretty familiar. Most everything I write about on this blog and in my books uses them as touchstone. Much changes, but everything stays the same: Read more:


Looking for Causes for your Fatigue?

Chris Kessler has written an article and podcast about the cause of fatigue your doctor may not think to investigate….

Poor diet, lack of sleep, and chronic stress are undoubtedly the most common causes of fatigue. But what about those who eat right, get enough sleep, manage their stress, and still feel tired all of the time? read more


Not losing weight on LCHF? Sleep could be your problem

On this episode of the LCHF podcast we had a question submitted by Yolande Fredericks. We’ve got Dr Ann Childers on with us for this episode. Doc, when people decide that they want to go on a weight loss journey, a lot of it obviously is how much you eat and what you eat and that sort of thing, but a large part is played in our minds and the way we talk to ourselves and compare ourselves to more or listen here


Can you reverse arterial damage by going on the LCHF?

I’m not aware of a specific study that looks at LCHF and reversal of cardiovascular anatomical changes. However, I am aware of two studies which look at decreasing inflammation over a period of time. One of them is a relationship to a medication, and the other one was in relationship to adopting a fairly aggressive vegan lifestyle….read more

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