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Keto Diet Tips

5 Strategies To Stay On Track With Keto In Summer

Summer is actually a great time for Keto, like any other time, but we can use some little strategies to make staying on track even easier read more

Keto Diet News

SACN report: Carbohydrates & Health

On Friday 17th July 2015, a report was issued by the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition(SACN). This report was initiated seven years ago: In 2008, the Food Standards Agency and the Department of Health asked SACN to provide clarification of the relationship between dietary carbohydrates and health and to make public health recommendations…….read more

World’s oldest person, 116, eats diet of bacon and eggs

Every morning she starts her day with a breakfast of several strips of bacon, scrambled eggs, and ground corn.

A sign on her kitchen wall reads “Bacon makes everything better”… more

Top Paleo Keto and Low Carbohydrate Recipes

The Tastiest Keto, Paleo And Low Carb Greek Meatballs

It is a perfect recipe for Summer, when cucumbers, mint and parsley should grow in your garden or can be easily found at your local farmers market……read more

Emergency Meatballs

I’m a firm believer in having emergency protein, soups, or stews on hand in the deep freeze, waiting for those times when life happens and the only viable alternative is calling read more…..

One-Pot Paleo Cauliflower Pork Fried Rice

Today I am sharing a super easy and delicious recipe for Cauliflower Pork Fried Rice from my friend Jenny of Paleo Foodie Kitchen’s new cookbook One-Pot Paleo! I had the pleasure of meeting Jenny this year at Paleo f(x). We stayed together in a house with a bunch of paleo bloggers, which was an amazing experience! read more

AIP Paleo Mardi Gras Breakfast Sausage Skillet Recipe

As many of you know, I’ve been working very hard to rebuild my strength and stamina to start Crossfit again.  Happily,  I am now able to do one hour workouts, 5 to 6 days a week.  However, that extra workout time has taken a big chunk out of my day.  Even though I started waking up an hour earlier in the morning, I have also learned the importance of stopping work earlier in the evening. ….read more

Jerk Chicken

Jerk is a cooking method and seasoning from Jamaica that typically involves marinating in a paste of allspice (pimento) and Scotch bonnet peppers (often confused with their cousin, the habañero) and cooking over a fire made with pimento wood. Jamaica was first inhabited by the Arwak Indians from South America more than 2,000 years more….

Podcasts, radio shows and talks

The difference between Good and Bad cholesterol HDL cholesterol – it’s okay if it goes up

Jimmy Moore: I would say ignore your total cholesterol because total cholesterol includes one number you want to have higher. Ostensibly if you’re eating low carb high fat, that one number that’s gone higher. That probably is attributing to this increase, is your HDL cholesterol. That’s one that you want to have higher, it’s the good cholesterol read more…..

Harder to Kill Radio 010: Blaze Your Own Fitness Trail with Jen Sinkler

Watch this episode of Harder to Kill Radio on YouTube “Strength is contagious,” states Jen Sinkler with no apologies. If you’ve got your ear to the ground or eye to the screen in the world of fitness read more

Bulletproof Radio Q&A – Nicotine Benefits, Bulletproof Labs & Top Hacks – #236

On this episode of Bulletproof Radio, we have carefully selected the best questions from Facebook, Twitter, and the Bulletproof® Forums for another awesome Q&A. Join Dave and Zak as they answer questions about the benefits of nicotine on brain function and fat loss, getting the best source of caffeine from Yerba Mate or coffee read more

RHR: What Causes Hormone Imbalance?

Conventional medicine uses what we might call the replacement model of endocrinology. This is where you measure hormones — or not, in some cases — you see what’s low or you estimate that hormones are low, and then you replace them with that given hormone. read more


FIT BOMB – At Home CrossFit Workout (All you need is a Kettlebell)

I’m not sure if you noticed but I’m short.  I have short legs, thick stubby hands and must hem all my pants.  I’ve always been a little jealous of the gals with long, lean, sculpted legs. I carry my excess fat in my legs and posterior and have pretty much loathed my legs since I was a teenager.  But a few years ago something happened to change how I felt about my leprechaun stature…. I found CrossFit……read more

Facebook Pages

I have recently joined a few facebook pages, on the subjects of Zero Carb, Low Carb and Egg Fasting

Zeroing in on Health –

Principia Carnivora – Just eat meat and water


Keto Paleo –





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