Leptin Hormone and Weight Loss: Would a High Fat, Low Carb and Moderate Diet Help?

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  • Date: June 27, 2021
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I have recently started to read The Bulletproof Diet by Dave Asprey. I was interested in reading the book that he recommends his diet for controlling hunger and food cravings (and therefore leptin levels) by following his high fat diet and staring the day with bulletproof coffee. This is coffee that is free from toxins caused by moulds and blended with a mixture of grass fed butter, coconut oil and/or MCT oil.

Leptin Hormone and Weight Loss

Have you tried a lot of restrictive diets in order to lose weight but still can’t seem to make the scale move downwards? You probably are already aware that an effective weight loss plan is more than just knowing about what calories are being taken in, minus the amount of calories being used. Sure there is exercise, but there is one more thing in the weight loss equation that you need to understand and that is your Leptin hormone.

How Does Leptin Help With Weight Loss?

Many people believe that not being able to lose weight is caused by a lack of discipline and willpower. Others believe it is because their metabolism is slow or they have a problem with their thyroid. There may also be a genetic disposition thrown in there too.

Studies reveal that it certainly is due to many complex factors; however your leptin hormone has a great deal to do with weight loss. Recent research conducted on obesity suggests that leptin can significantly influence the body’s ability to burn fats and lose weight. There are several key points that you have to keep in mind in regards to weight loss.

First, the leptin hormone has the responsibility of sending messages to your brain that will tell you to stop eating, as your body knows how much fat you already have stored. As the leptin hormone levels start to increase, your appetite will start to diminish. On the contrary, when your leptin levels reduce, your appetite will increase. Here starts the problem with weight gain!

Leptin plays a crucial role of regulating your body’s ability to burn fats, so when your leptin increases, your metabolic rate also speeds up. If your leptin levels dwindle down the same thing will also happen to your metabolism.

You need to be good at harnessing the power of leptin to be able to boost your weight loss efforts. The following are some experts’ suggestions on how you can make your leptin work for you and improve your eating behavior and therefore lose weight.

Make sure to consult your health care provider and a functional nutrition professional to help you identify as well as address any imbalance in your hypothalamus-pituitary pathways. This imbalance may have been affecting your body’s ability to regulate thyroid function, stress, sex and growth hormones that are making it difficult for you to lose weight.

You are what you eat and foods are the best sources of natural medicine. Curcumin, for example, has been found by some experts to be effective for down-regulating leptin. Foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as flax seed oil, salmon and chia seeds are also helpful for modulating leptin release in the body.

You may also need the help of probiotics to be able to give your gastrointestinal health a boost while also increasing the number of short-chain fatty acids that can directly influence the functioning of leptin.

Another point to remember is if you want to lose weight and protect your leptin hormone, avoid using MSG or monosodium glutamate. This substance is a common ingredient in many cuisines. Unfortunately MSG can also make your appetite spiral out of control. You may find yourself binge-eating only to feel hungry again a few hours later.

So if you are worried about your weight loss efforts take a moment to determine whether or not your leptin levels could be out of balance.

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