Leptin Reset Diet

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  • Date: August 10, 2018
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Recently I’ve spent some time over at  Jack Kruse’s Blog  called Living an Optimized Life, reading about his ideas on the role of leptin in obesity. His blog covers many other aspects on the reasons behind the causes of obesity other than just leptin but for this post I’m just  concentrating on Jack Kruse’s leptin reset prescription.

After reading his posts and digesting the information contained within the very lengthy, detailed but rather rambling posts Jack writes  I have decided to follow his Leptin reset protocol.

Who is Jack Kruse?

He is a neurosurgeon, that lost 133 lbs in weight following his leptin reset diet and following a cold thermogenesis protocol.

The Leptin reset has some very simple rules to follow.

1. First of all you need to work out if you are leptin resistant. Generally, if you are overweight then you are most likely to be leptin resistant. So I’m around 30 pounds overweight I should think… so let us assume that I need to follow the leptin reset.

According to Jack Kruse………

“The easiest test is to look in the mirror. The mirror does not lie and it is really cheap. For those people who still can’t be sure after peeking in the mirror, you can order some blood tests. My favorite is the HS CRP (highly sensitive C-Reactive protein) and the reverse T3 tests (but there are others). They are accurate in over 90% of cases.”

2. Follow a paleo diet

Jack recommends following a low carb version of a paleo diet as described by Mark Sissons in his book The Primal Blueprint or The Original Human Diet by Robb Wolf.

I’ve read both these books so have an idea of the types of foods to eat, basically meat, fish, eggs and some green or salad vegetables, together with healthy fats like coconut oil or butter.

Keep the carbs to below 25 grams per day, and don’t count calories.

3. Eat breakfast within 30 minutes of rising.

Eat a large breakfast of at least 50 grams of protein, with hardly any carbs, within 30 minutes rising in the morning.

4. No snacking

Eat the large breakfast and two other meals. No snacking in between meals.

What benefits does the Leptin reset prescription have?

For men rapid weight loss.

Women better sleep, mood changes.

More energy.

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