Paleo Diet Success Stories

  • By: kim
  • Date: August 22, 2018
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I received an e-mail this morning from the site run by the paleo diet or primal diet guru Mark Sissons called Marks Daily Apple. The e-mail contained some exciting news of a new section on his website.

If you have never heard of Mark Sissons he promotes a diet and lifestyle that is compatible with our genes. He recommends a diet based on foods we as humans ate in the paleolithic age. Apart from dietary changes, he recommends that we change other aspects of our life these changes also compliment our genetic makeup. His book Primal Blueprint explains all, but you can get most of the information contained in the book from his website if you sign up for his weekly newsletter.

Primal Diet Success Stories – In the Making

I was very excited to see that the website has a great new section following people that have decided to turn to a Primal Diet to improve their health and lose weight. Currently, as I write this there are about 400 people that have posted “before” photographs and a short biography. Then over the coming months, these people will be followed up. I can’t wait to follow in the participant’s journeys to great health it will be great to read their diet stories.

Mark Sissons wrote the following.

“Reading the hundreds of goals and stories folks sent in, I see that the Challenge call truly touched off something for people. It’s their time, they say, but they need to make it so. The tangible reality of having their stories and photos out there is pivotal, they said, to making it truly happen.”

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I’m not sure if anything like this has been attempted before but it certainly is a fantastic resource and a great motivator to those who have already signed up.

If you intend to follow a Paleo or Primal Diet and make other related lifestyle changes. You may like to sign up and join in with this scheme. To give yourself a place where you can follow your progress, and find the motivation to continue the Primal diet and the primal lifestyle.

Also just think publishing your paleo diet success will be of great benefit to others that may be new to this type of diet and lifestyle.













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