Pauline Quirke Lost 7 Stone on Lighter Life

  • By: kim
  • Date: September 27, 2018
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Pauline Quirke successfully lost 7 stone on the Lighter Life diet. She weighed in the day before this interview and had lost 7 stone in 6 1/2 months – wow!

Pauline Quirke Lighter Life Diet Motivation

Her light bulb moment for her in deciding to do the diet was when she had to have a hip replacement at 47 years of age. Her hip had worn out due to the amount of weight she was carrying.

Also, she was very embarrassed when she couldn’t do up her safety belt on a flight to a holiday destination and had to ask the flight attendant for a seat belt extension…

This two things happening in her life were the motivation for sticking to the Lighter Life diet.

Also, she found filming on a detective series very difficult due to the amount of excess weight she was carrying.

In the interview from This Morning, Pauline says that she found following the lighter life diet very easy to follow, and obviously the weight dropped off really quickly.

Eamon Holmes asked Pauline if she thought that keeping the weight off would be easy, in answer Pauline said no it would not be easy, and she was mindful that returning to her old eating habits would result in putting all the weight back on.

Recently her co-star on Birds of a feather and best friend Linda Robson joined Lighter Life and I understand she has lost a couple of stone already. Lesley Joseph who played next door neighbor Dorian Green in Birds of a Feather looks fantastic, she doesn’t appear to have any worries about her weight.


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