Pickled Egg Recipe

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  • Date: September 27, 2018
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You will either love or loathe these pickled eggs. I’m not a great fan as I don’t enjoy other types of pickles, I just don’t find a strong taste of vinegar pleasant. However, I make these occasionally for my husband who LOVES them. For the husband the spicier the better so I add plenty of spices to the pickling mixture.

These are a way of preserving eggs however I find they get eaten rather quickly once ready in my house so this isn’t really an issue. If you keep chickens and you encounter a summer surplus you could pickle those eggs to eat through the winter.

Once pickled they are eaten cold like a boiled egg, so this isn’t a way to preserve the eggs for future cooking.

Serve sliced in salads or as a side dish with other dishes. The vinegar you need to use is a brown malt vinegar.

Spicy Pickled Eggs Recipe


14 medium hard-boiled eggs

1-litre brown malt vinegar

20g ground ginger

20g whole black pepper

20g whole allspice berries

10g whole white mustard seeds

40g whole red dried chilies


Except for the eggs, put all the ingredients in a saucepan. Heat this mixture up until boiling, then reduce the heat and simmer for 10 minutes.

Allow this mixture to cool down to room temperature. While the vinegar mixture is cooling hard boil the eggs by placing in a pan with cold water, then bring the water to the boil and once the water is boiling cook for 10 minutes. When cooked cool the eggs rapidly by running cold water into the cooking pan. This step is important otherwise you can end up with a nasty looking grey ring around the yolk.

Peel the eggs and place in a large glass jar.

Pour the vinegar mixture over the eggs making sure the eggs are completely covered and seal the lid.

Store in a cool place for about 1 month. They are ready to eat after this time.

They will last unopened for about 6 months possibly longer.

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