Pottery Microwave Bacon Cookers for Perfectly Cooked Bacon

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  • Date: January 7, 2022
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✅Perfect Bacon Every Time! With Pottery Microwave Bacon Cookers

I really want one of these pottery microwave bacon cookers. I just love the simplicity of draping over slices of bacon then popping the mug together with the saucer-shaped cooker into the microwave. The saucer is designed to collect all the fat that comes out of the bacon during cooking and there is even a handy pouring spout so you can tip the precious bacon grease into a skillet to fry off the eggs you will no doubt want to cook to go with your bacon.

✅Stoneware Microwave Bacon Cookers

I just love the way this bacon cooker has been designed in the shape of a pig. This would make a great gift for a person that loves to eat bacon.

Stoneware Microwave Bacon CookerStoneware Microwave Bacon CookerStoneware Microwave Bacon Cooker

✅Ceramic Microwave Bacon Cooker

Just drape the bacon rashers over the edges if this ceramic mug place in the microwave and in no time at all you have perfect crispy bacon.

Stoneware Microwave Bacon Cooker MugStoneware Microwave Bacon Cooker MugStoneware Microwave Bacon Cooker Mug

✅Mug Shaped Clay Bacon Cooker

This is a beautifully made green glazed microwave bacon cooker. This is beautiful enough to have on display when it’s not in use.

Clay Bacon Cooker for the MicrowaveClay Bacon Cooker for the MicrowaveClay Bacon Cooker for the Microwave

✅How to use your Microwave Bacon Cooker

Using these bacon cooking mugs couldn’t be any simpler. You just drape over your slices of bacon around the edges of the mug, cover with a square of kitchen paper and place in the microwave oven for the recommended length of time. The time in the microwave will depend on the amount of bacon you are cooking and the level of crispness you desire.

✅Who Would Love One of These Handmade Bacon Cookers?

Apart from myself, I could see these as great gifts for people that love bacon, for either a birthday present or at Christmas time. For a more generous gift why not add in a subscription to a bacon of the month club or even add a few packs of gourmet bacon to the parcel at the time of presentation.

✅Hand Crafted Makes for a Great Looking Object

Because these are all made and glazed by hand they will all be unique. I love that these would look great just sitting on my countertop between uses. I love those kinds of earthy tones and colors in either blues or greens.

✅Ceramic Bacon Cookers in Action

If you are confused about how these mugs work here is a demonstration.

✅Cooked Bacon Recipes

Once you have cooked your bacon you could use it in these delicious recipes.

Brussels Sprouts and Bacon

Bacon Feta and Olive Salad

Feta Cheese, Olive and Bacon Salad

✅Alternative Ways to Cook Bacon

Cooking Bacon in the Oven


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