Primal Blueprint Diet – Author Tom Woods Describes Weight Loss Success

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  • Date: August 11, 2018
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Best selling author Tom Woods describes the success he has had losing weight on the Primal Blueprint diet.

He explains that people should forget about low fat and calorie controlled diet.

Tom says cut out the bad carbohydrates like bread, pasta and rice, that the government recommend you eat up to 11 servings of a day, instead eat plenty of meat, fish, eggs, nuts, some fruits and no starchy vegetables.

He started out by finding the diet a challenge as he had to give up some of the foods he loves.

It’s taking some getting used to, particularly for someone like me, who has grown rather attached to sweets over the past several years, and who isn’t quite convinced that eating the innards of a Philly cheesesteak with a knife and fork is superior to holding it in your hands and eating the whole thing. The first few days have been quite an adjustment. We’re going to do the 21 day program and see where it takes us.

Tom’s wife continues the story on her blog

“I have officially lost 7 pounds, 2.5% body fat, and 2 inches around my waist. Ta-daaa! 

It’s like magic. I’ve never been hungry (except on purpose: choosing to wait an extra half hour until dinner), I don’t feel deprived (except of Coke), and I feel so much better!

I have a lot more patience. I can wake up much more easily (which is huge because I *hate* mornings). And I find myself sleeping better, more productive, and just generally more happy.  

I am going to call this success! 

Tom has lost …. 7 pounds as well! I don’t know about the body fat and such, but his stomach is flatter! “

Here is a video of Tom taking about the Primal Blueprint Diet.



Here is Mark Sissons being interviewed by Tom Woods on the Peter Schiff Show.

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