Reversal of Diabetic Nephropathy by a Ketogenic Diet

  • By: kim
  • Date: September 27, 2018
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I recently came across an interesting paper published by research Scientists, which has some intriguing results. Using a ketogenic diet to feed mice to reverse a type of kidney disease that diabetics develop called diabetic nephropathy.

The Scientists were from The Fishberg Center for Neurobiology, Sinai School of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, Yale University School of Medicine and the Department of Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine, Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

In an experiment a type of mice that develop diabetes, which had also developed diabetic nephropathy (kidney disease associated with diabetes) were treated with a ketogenic diet, other groups of mice with diabetic nephropathy mice were fed on a normal mouse diet.

The mice were fed the ketogenic diet of 5% carbohydrates, 8% protein and 87% fat. After 8 weeks, tests on their albumum/creatine ratios and gene expression showed that the diabetic nephropathy was completely reversed.

Further histological tests on the diseased kidneys showed a partial reversal of the disease.

Interestingly some of the mice on the “normal diet” group died compared to the mice in the ketogenic diet groups which all survived.

A great deal more work needs to be undertaken to try to determine the reason for the reversal of the diabetic nephropathy, it is thought this could be connected to reduced glucose metabolism.

Quotations from the published paper.

“Since ketones and the ketogenic diet are neuroprotective in a wide range of conditions, a phenomenon we have corroborated in the present study, it seems highly likely that the ketogenic diet will be protective in diabetic neuropathy and possibly retinopathy as well”

“These studies demonstrate that diabetic nephropathy can be reversed by a relatively simple dietary intervention. Whether reduced glucose metabolism mediates the protective effects of the ketogenic diet remains to be determined”

Link to the paper


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