How to Cook Melt in the Mouth Roast Beef – Slow Cooking Roast Beef Recipe

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How to Cook Melt in the Mouth Roast Beef

This low temperature and slow cooking roast beef recipe will show you how to cook melt in the mouth roast beef. Beef is a great food choice for those of us eating a low carb diet. In this recipe I describe a foolproof method of cooking roast beef, I used to just put the beef joint in the oven turn the heat up and hope for the best. The results were mixed.

Ages ago I watched a program by Heston Blumenthal called In Search of Perfection. In this program, he describes the way he cooks roast beef. He actually used a low-temperature method to cook the beef. However, I was only brave enough to try this method to roast beef after reading a book called How to Meat Perfection, by the butchers Donald Russell.
Low-temperature cooking should not be confused with slow cooking. Low-temperature cooking is used on those joints of beef that are naturally tender and are suitable for roasting. Slow cooking is used on the tougher pieces of meat and slow cooking usually involves cooking in a liquid.

What is the Best Beef Joint to use for Low-Temperature Cooking?

A good cut of beef to use for low-temperature cooking is a prime rib of beef. Also, this method works well with to produce succulent roast lamb and pork.

Why cook roast beef by the low-temperature cooking method?

1. When you cook on a higher temperature it is very easy to overcook a piece of roast beef. With low-temperature cooking, this shouldn’t happen as the internal temperature of the roast beef only raises slowly.
2. The joint of beef shrinks less, and the meat is juicier.
3. There is no need for the roast beef to have a resting period at the end of cooking.

Equipment needed to cook low-temperature oven roast beef

For this method, you really do need some “high tech” equipment. I had to order this equipment especially in to do this recipe, but it was so worth it. I’m sure I will get plenty of use out of this equipment in the years to come.
1. An oven thermometer, this will ensure you have the correct temperature in your oven. When you cook at such low temperatures the dial that controls the oven temperature becomes inaccurate. It is recommended that you always use an oven thermometer for low-temperature cooking.
Oven thermometerOven thermometer in oven
2. A meat thermometer with a probe and a cord so that the internal temperature of the roast beef can be read without opening the oven door. This type of thermometer comes with an alarm you set to go off when the meat reaches the desired temperature.
Oven thermometer

easy slow cook roast beef recipe

For this recipe, I used a 2kg or 4 1/2 pound of topside roast.
Pre-heat your oven to 80C or 175F  – Place a roasting pan in the oven to heat up.
Remove the beef from your refrigerator for at least 30 minutes before you want to start cooking.
In a pan with some olive oil sear the beef quickly on all sides.
Sear the beef in a pan
After searing place the joint onto your pre-heated roasting pan.
Season the beef with salt and pepper.
Insert the meat thermometer into the beef.
Insert meat thermometer into the beef
Put the beef into the oven.
Set the thermometer to go off when the internal temperature of the beef reaches 65C or 150F.
Thermometer set up with the alarm
This will cook the beef to medium.
When I did this recipe the 2kg 41/2lb piece of topside took 4 hours.
Roast Beef
I hope you give this recipe a try the final result was delicious, I ate hot and cold. I just love roast beef.

Low Temperature Roast Beef Cooking Times


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