Sweden and Low Carb High Fat Diets.

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  • Date: September 27, 2018
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You may have heard in the news that Sweden is experiencing an increase in the numbers of people that are taking up low carb diets. The diet of choice is called a low carb high-fat diet (LCHF), and apparently, up to 25% of the Swedish population has given the diet a go. So popular has the LCHF diet became that earlier in the year a Swedish butter shortage was reported in the news, as a direct result of the numbers of people giving the LCHF diet a try.

Sweden and Low Carb High Fat Diets
Photo Wikipedia Sweden highlighted in dark green

So why has Sweden taken up low carbing?

When the rest of the world is following a high carb low-fat diet. Well, the story is interesting. A doctor called Annika Dahlqvist, started recommending a high carb diet to her patients, to improve their health. She recommended her patients follow the LCHF diet as she had tried a low carb diet herself and noticed improvements in her own health.

At the same time, Dr. Dahlqvist took to blogging about her low carb diet experiences and together with a contemporary overview of the science available in the literature on the benefits of a low carb diet. Subsequently Dr, Dahlqvist was reported to the National Swedish Board of Health and Welfare, by two dietitians for recommending a low carb diet to her patients. They wanted her to stop recommending an LCHF diet to her patients, however, the opposite happened.

When the Swedish Board of Health and Welfare investigated the complaint against her and looked closely at the scientific evidence the board concluded that recommending and treating patients with a low carb diet was reasonable considering the current scientific evidence.

The board’s decision in 2008 was extensively reported in the Swedish national news, and this lead directly to the increase in the uptake of the LCHF diet in Sweden.

Other Scandinavian countries in the area like Finland and Norway have followed suit, causing a reduction in bread sales and an increase in butter consumption. However, Denmark’s government has recently placed a tax on saturated fats! Strange but true.

Low Carb Diet Resources and links

Dr. Dahlqvist blog in English, a blog was Annika’s writing has been translated into English. Here is her blog in Swedish.

English Blog of Swedish Low Carb Diet Doctor Andreas Eenfeldt, MD is well worth a visit he is featured in Jimmy Moore’s Podcasts.

Jimmy Moore of Livin La Vida Low Carb has an interesting podcast were Swedish LCHF Physician Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt answers low carb diet questions.



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