Weight Loss Tips to Help you Acheive Your Goals

  • By: kim
  • Date: September 24, 2018
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Top 5 Weight Loss Tips

Whenever you’re starting a new weight loss goal, anything that’ll make things easier on yourself is worth trying. Here I am sharing 5 steps you should take at the start of your weight loss journey. When it comes to free weight loss tips, it’s not the “magic cures” that you should pay attention to, it’s the real, solid advice that will set you on a healthy track for the rest of your life.

1) Buy  Decent and Accurate Scales

This is the first of the free weight loss tips and it’s a very important one. You’ll need two types of scales. First a scale that will measure your body weight. Secondly a nice set of accurate kitchen scales. It is easy to eat too much of the wrong foods (like carbohydrates) so a decent set of kitchen scales to weigh out proper portions of food are vital. It is so easy to overeat carbohydrates and when we don’t strictly measure the portion sizes.

2) Find Support with a Friend

One of the the best things you can do when starting a weight loss program is to seek out an exercise and/or dieting friend then you’ll have support to continue even when things are at there most difficult. Studies show that dieting along with a buddy makes it a lot easier to meet your targets and set up healthy new habits. If there really isn’t anyone who wants to join you, one of the best free weight loss tips is to at least confide in others and share specific goals that will keep yourself accountable.

3) Get A Notepad and Diary

Your notepad will be used to make a note of all the foods you eat. Also it is useful to make a note of how you are feeling. For example feelings of frustration  may make you reach for a high carb treat and your notes will show this tendency. Also in the notepad or diary you need to write down any exercise you undertake.. Although it can be tedious, knowing exactly what goes into your body helps you to improve things little by little. You can also use your notepad as a place to vent if you’re feeling frustrated, and to reinforce your goals to help motivate you to continue.

At the end of the day I like to put all the information I get about the days foods into a program like fitday.com this is a free weight loss journal that keeps a tab on all the macros in your diet together with an update on your diet goals.

4) Clear Out Your Cabinets:

Go through your kitchen cabinets and throw out or donate all those foods that you just don’t want to be eating when on your diet. My advice is to chuck out anything that is highly processed, sugary, unhealthy oils and high carb foods. If you’re going to be dieting then you don’t want to have temptation all around you in your home. So go through all your cabinets and get rid of food that will lead you astray and won’t serve you well. After the purge go shopping and buy plenty of healthy foods, like, healthy fats, meat, fish and low carb vegetables and fruits.

5) Find an Exercise Program that Suits:

Once you have your kitchen sorted, buddy found and equipment in place, it’s time to work out the kind of exercise you want to do. This could mean starting by walking every day, swimming or bicycling. My personal recommendation is to find an exercise pursuit that is outdoors and can be fitted into your life. For example instead of driving to work why not walk or bike instead.

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